Is democracy consolidated in Mexico?

Consolidation implies the stability of a government in all of its facets, political, economic, and judicial to name a few, as one can see Mexico has cut loose the past with a multiparty system that is kept in place through a system of checks and balances to ensure the right amount of resistance is given when lawmaking is in progress.The economy is fairing well compared to the world average but it remains to under achieve most expectations.The judicial system in Mexico is faltering, crime rates are on the rise confidence is declining in the system and the citizens seem dissatisfied with the recent results. So based off of the definition of consolidation I cannot agree that Mexico is in fact a consolidated democracy for the simple fact that Democracy “is not the only game in town”, in fact the PRI or the Institutional Revolutionary Party has been viewed as a party filled with socialists, nationalists, and militants who use corrupt methods to seize power.
Mexico may advertise free and fair elections however the PRI does not adhere to these rules, rather they gain power by electoral fraud, intimidation, and ideological changes to adhere to popular opinion rather than core values and beliefs with the good of the public in mind. A consolidated democracy means a stable democracy that can withstand elections without the need to manipulate or coerce the population. While other parties exist in Mexico they were extremely regulated by the government so they could not gain popularity and overthrow the current regime (O’Neil 197). Although Mexico is considered a “developed democracy” by definition because of their political diversity, competitive elections and liberty the extent to which these liberties are able to be exercised are extremely limited to the public (O’Neil 247). In combination with limited political and economic freedom, Mexico’s judicial system is yet another roadblock keeping the country from being a consolidated democracy in fact crime rates are on the rise, conviction rates are down and corruption amongst the judges is rampant.
In conclusion Mexico is not a consolidated democracy because it is not the “only game in town”. The PRI party may seem like a democratic party to the untrained eye, however once one peels back they layers of deception and fraud it becomes apparent it is almost a totalitarianism regime in stead of a democratic party.

O’Neil, Patrick H. 2015. Essentials of Comparative Politics, 5th Edition. Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.

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2 thoughts on “Is democracy consolidated in Mexico?

  1. I agree with your assertion that Mexico isn’t a consolidated democracy. Even looking at public opinion on the matter, both the people of Mexico and outside observers are worried about the state of their nation. “The violence has traumatized Mexican society, raised serious questions about the capacity and autonomy of the Mexican state, and led some domestic and foreign observers to wonder whether Mexico could become a failed state” (O’Neil, 559).

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